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24th Jan 2024

Review on ‘Garden Self Portraits’

Review in ‘Canadian Art Review ‘  2023.

by Michelle Gewurtz, Curator of  the Exhibition

Facing Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore’ 

at Ottawa Art Gallery 2019. 




2nd Mar 2024

Photography, A Queer History Publication

Forthcoming Publication ‘Photography; A Queer History’

by Dr Flora Dunster and Dr Theo Gordon, published by Ilex Press February 2024

To include Untitled II from ‘Stages of Mourning’ 2002.






14th Jun 2024

Mirror Mirror – Thames + Hudson

The photograph Narcissus (bw print from neg, 2013) which is from the film Magic Mirror (16mm, bw, 75min, 2013) will be published in a forthcoming book by Michael Petry entitled:

Mirror Mirror –  the reflective surface in Contemporary Art

Published by Thames and Hudson, 2024


Narcissus (bw print from neg, 2013)




30th Sep 2024

Forthcoming Book Publication

Forthcoming Book Publication (in English and Spanish) on 

The work of filmmakers Sandra Lahire and Sarah Pucill

Editors: Francisco Algarin Navarro and Carlos Saldaña

With contributions from Laura Guy,  Sandra Lahire, Sarah Pucill,

Lis Rhodes, Helen de Witt.  

Publication Date End  2024