Upcoming Events

22nd Jun 2022

Screening of Cast (16mm, 20min, 2000)

Screening of Cast (16mm, 20min, 2000). at:

Spectacle Theater, 124 S 3 St. Brooklyn, NY

Wed Eve 22 June

A collection of films, in the spirit of Todd Haynes’ underground classic Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (which had its premiere at the Millennium Film Workshop in 1987!), that use the imagery of dolls, dollhouses and doll ephemera to satirize our plastic existences. These films run the tonal gamut from irreverent to poetic to disturbing — sometimes all in the same breath.




26th Jun 2022

Currents New Media Festival 2022 `- Santa Fe

EyeCut (20min, 16mm, 2021)

Official Selection:    New Currents 2022

Media Art Festival, Santa Fe.      June 14-26 





10th Jul 2022

Electric Muses – Edinburgh

You Be Mother

You Be Mother  (16mm, 7min, 1990)  will be screened in the programme:

‘Electric Muses’  at  Leith Theatre, Edinburgh – 8-10 July 2022

Event by Cinetopia, showing Feminist Surrealist Film,

The evening will showcase feminist surrealist films alongside female musicians working with electronic music as part of their practice.

The screening follows on from the Electric Muses event Cinetopia organised in 2020 which included a film by Sarah Pucill    




19th Jul 2022

Screening of Magic Mirror

Screening of Magic Mirror

19 July at The Lexi Cinema, Kensal Rise, London

As part of a trans-led film strand.

Programmed by Rebecca Del Tufo in July date tbc

Juliet Jacques who selected the film will be  present at the

screening for a Q+A with the filmmaker.




28th Aug 2022

Exhibition ‘Under the Skin’


Confessions to the Mirror (68min, 2016)

Staged at Kunsthal Museum Gallery, Rotterdam

“Under the Skin” an exhibition of photographs by Claude Cahun

21 May – 28 August 2022

This is a touring exhibition that was exhibited at  Cobra Museum, Amstelveen, Netherlands Spring 2021, curated by Julia Steenuisen and is due to tour to Brandts Gallery Museum, Denmark 2023.




17th Oct 2022

L’Aventure Invisible. Touring theatre production 2021-22


Film projections from Magic Mirror and Confessions to the Mirror

to appear in:


at Theatre de Gennevilliers, Paris in the program of festival d’automne.

The play premiered in French with the title L’Aventure Invisible at T2G Théâtre de Gennevilliers in Paris as part of Festival d’Automne in October 2020. It is based on interviews with three people: An American brain scientist who experienced a stroke and was able to study the collapse of her own brain from the inside. At the age of 37, she lost all her memories and was forced to re-invent her whole personality from scratch. A bookseller from Paris, was born with a genetic disease that made his face deformed. Through experimental surgery, he was able to receive the world’s first full facial transplantation.And an experimental filmmaker became obsessed with the mysterious photography of iconic queer artist Claude Cahún. Through elaborate cinematic reconstructions of Cahún’s photos, the filmmaker opens up a portal to the past.

The invisible adventure is partly based on interviews with brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor, facial transplantation patient Jérôme Hamon and artist Sarah Pucill.
TOUR DATES:  2021-2022
Festival d’Automne de Paris, France
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Belgium
Schaubühne – FIND Festival, Berlin, Germany

Wiener Festwoche, Vienna, Austria
Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Italy
Teatro di India in Rome, Italy
Festival Act’Oral, Marseilles, France
Comédie de Caen in Normandie, France