You Be Mother, 1990

16mm, col, sound, 7min

Funded by a Julian Sullivan Award (Slade School of Art) and Hull Time Based Arts

Awarded ‘Best Experimental Film’ Oberhausen Short Film Festival 1991 ‘Best Innovation Prize’ Atlanta Short Film Festival 1993

You Be Mother uses stop-frame animation to disrupt the traditional orders of animate and inanimate, the fluid and the solid. An hallucinatory space is set up when a frozen image of the artist’s face is projected onto weighty pieces of crockery atop a table. Ears, eyes, nose and mouth, all become spatially dislocated as a determined hand begins to reposition, decant and mix. Events unfold to the amplified sounds of grinding, pouring and stirring.

Directed and produced:
Sarah Pucill
Hull Time Based Arts and The Julian Sullivan Award
Camera, Edit & Sound:
Sarah Pucill
New Contemporaries, ICA, London (1989) – early version
London Film Festival; British Short Film Festival, London
European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck Germany
Rencontres Festival of Film and Video Art, Paris (and touring); Granada TV, UK; ‘Exiled’ touring show, curated by Moira Sweeney, ICA London
Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany
Goethe Institute, Montréal
Cutting Edge, curated by Carol Brown and John Hoole, Barbican Gallery, London
Atlanta Short Film Festival
Norwegian Short Film Festival
Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animation Art
Tampere Short Film Festival, Finland
Tate Britain, Curated by Gary Thomas (retrospective)
Lux, London (retrospective)
Lux, London DNET Festival of Electronic and Digital Art
291 Gallery, London, Curated by L Jensen (retrospective)
Telling Tales, Serpentine Gallery, curated by Karen Alexander
The Magic Lantern Dream Cinema, Ciné Lumière Institute, Françe, London
‘A Century of Film and Video Artists’ curated by David Curtis, Tate Britain, London
The Collective Unconscious, curated programme, New York Filmmakers Coop
‘Light Reading’ series, NO.W.HERE Lab, London, Curated by K Mirza and B Butler
Stills Gallery Edinburgh The Millennium Film Workshop, New York (retrospective)
The Subjective Camera series, Greenwich Picture House (retrospective)
LightCone 25th Anniversary, Paris
Whitechapel Gallery Film Circus Film Weekend curated by Ian White
The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne (retrospective)
Live 8 Galway, Curated by Vivienne Dick
Moving Portrait, De La Warr Pavillion
Showroom Gallery, Cinenova, London
Parasol Unit, Curated by Gil Leung, LUX
Madrid Experimental Film Festival (retrospective)

Spring Psychoanalytic Poetry Festival, Freud Museum, London, 12 March
  • Best Experimental Film Award – Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany
  • Best Innovation Award – Atlanta Film Festival
  • USA ‘Wicked Women and Wayward Girls’, BFI compilation tape, distributed by Connoisseur Video