Stages Of Mourning, 2004

2004, 16mm, col, sound, 17min

Ritualised through performance to camera, Stages of Mourning is Pucill’s journey of bereavement. In as much as this is a meditation on coming to terms with loss, the film is an exploration of how our relationship with the dead is made different through film. The artist orders image fragments of her late lover and collaborator, Sandra Lahire. By trying to physically immerse herself into photographs and film footage or by restaging these, Pucill forms a continuous stream of a life of two lovers. Through this doubling and layering, illusions accumulate as if these were a product of a machine that didn’t stop.

Black Maria Film Festival – Director’s Citation – 2007

Directed and produced:
Sarah Pucill
Arts and Humanities Research Council
Sarah Pucill, Sandra Lahire
Camera, Edit & Sound:
Sarah Pucill
Camera Assistance:
Chloe Stewart, Tanya Syed
Rencentres Internationales Paris/Berlin (touring)
Feminale, Cologne
Kassel Documentary Film Festival
College Art Association (CAA) Art History Conference, Atlanta
Masquarade curated by Kate Newton, Photofusion Gallery, London
Experiments in Moving image’ curated by Jackie Hatfield & Steve Littman, the Old Lumiere
Cinema, London
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Wake London Gallery West (with Peggy Atherton)
Take 291, curated by Charlie Phillips, 291 Gallery
PULSAR Caracas Contemporary Art Museum, France and touring
Light Reading’ Series, NO.W.HERE Lab, London  curated by K MIrza + B Butler (retrospective)
Greenwich Picture House, London (retrospective)
The Millennium Film Workshop (retrospective)
Fairbanks Gallery, Oregon
The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (retrospective)
Chisenhale Dance Space and Queen Mary University Symposium on Mourning
Interrogating Trauma Conference, Perth, Australia
The Experimental Film Club, Dublin curated by Donal Foreman.
The ‘Other’, Rencentre de Sophie, Nantes, France.
Moving Image South, Curzon Cinema (retrospective) curated Laura Kloss
Open City Docs, ICA, Aesthetic Queeries, curated by Treasa O’Brien
Conference ‘Family Ties’, University of London, Presentation ‘Re-enactment as cathartic Ritual in Stages Of Mourning with a screening of the film.
Autobiography and the Archive at Whitechapel Gallery, screening of Stages Of Mourning with Q+A with Miranda Pennell, organised and chaired by Elisa Adami and Alessandra Ferrini (Mnemoscape).
Whitechapel Gallery,  The Archive and Autobiography, curated by Alessandra Ferrini