Eye Cut, 2021

16mm col, 20min, 2021:  14 October 2021 

The film’s protagonist is a masked woman in a nude bodysuit, who wears a cardboard box that doubles as a theatre stage. The woman takes us on a surrealist journey in which she performs to an invisible applauding audience. Having passed through red curtains writhing on her back, she arrives on stage bearing a cake on her front. Hand-held cardboard puppets, that she makes from magazine cut-outs of faceless men, go on to take part in an ominous party scene around the cake, candle-lit and spinning. The audience see the woman in disguise, her eyes peeping through cut out eye holes of a man’s cardboard face, as if taking his place. She changes her mask and its gender throughout, sometimes wearing two. Flipping the card puppet-figures, she reveals on the backside, half formed sentences. These morse code- like hand-arm movements struggle to communicate something of the underside of the puppets’ pleasure.

Laura Matilde Mannino
Sarah Pucill
Sound Consultant:
Mairead McClean
Rushes Grade:
Fraser Watson
Sound Mix+On-line Edit:
Konrad Welz
Sarah Pucill

London Film Festival Premiere: 14 October 2021-Official Selection
Jeu de Paume, Paris, November 2021  In  Vivienne Dick Retrospective
Feel The Reel Film Festival, Glasgow, November 2021-Official Selection