Confessions to the Mirror

Confessions To The Mirror, 16mm, colour, 68min,
Premiere London Film Festival 9 October 2016
Funded by the Arts Council of England, Financial Assistance University of Westminster, LUX Distribution.

Amidst a visual extravaganza of costumes and hand-made sets, Sarah Pucill’s new film Confessions To The Mirror takes its title, from the French Surrealist artist, Claude Cahun’s (1894-1954) incomplete memoir (Confidences au miroir, 1945-1954).  Following Cahun’s text, the film includes Cahun’s early and later life and work including her political propaganda activity and imprisonment in Jersey with her partner Suzanne Malherbe during the Nazi occupation of the island. The tracing of a life is made conscious through the projection of images of the couples home in Jersey into a domestic London setting.

As a sequel to Pucill’s previous film, Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75min, 2013), Confessions To The Mirror (16m, col, 68min) continues Pucill’s experiment to bring cinematic life to the photographic and written archive of Claude Cahun.  In her new film Pucill animates re-stagings of Cahun’s black and white self-portrait and still–life photographs with voices from Cahun’s  text Confidences au miror, thus collaging and transposing Cahun’s black and white stills and words, into colour and soundscape.

Texts on Magic Mirror (2013)

Direction, Camera and Edit:
Sarah Pucill
Editing Consultant and Sound Design:
Mairead McClean
Lighting & Second Camera:
Fiona Teo Rui Wen, Joel Honeywell, Rina Yang
Key Performers:
Karen Leroy-Harris, Kate Hart
Sound Mix & Online Edit:
Konrad Welz
Image Correction:
Fraser Watson
Jessica Cheetham
Jessica Cheetham, Katie Campbell
Caroline Saint-Pe, Louise Larchbourne, Lucy Briggs-Owen

Francesca Rusalen + Francesco Cazzin, No Fest Experimental Film Festival Text 2017

Feminisms, Mirrors: Claude Cahun and Sarah Pucill – a dialogue, by Dr M Sprio, MIRAJ Magazine, Issue 4, 2+1, Spring  2016. Text 1 | Text 2 | Text

BFI FIlm Festival Salon Interview Sarah Pucill on Confessions To The Mirror with Ruth Maclennan on Hero City October 2016.

Roundtable Discussion: The Women of the London Filmmaker’s Co-op, Moving Image Review and Art Journal, Volume 4, No 1 + 2, 2015: 3P1-Roundtable-MIRAJ | P2-Roundtable-MIRAJ | P3-Roundtable-MIRAJ | P4-RoundtableMIRAJ | P5-RoundtableMIRAJ | P6-RoundtableMIraj | P7-RoundtableMIRAJ

London Film Festival, October 2016
Close Up Cinema, London, February 2017
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, March 2017
Creteil International Women’s Film Festival, Paris, March 2017
National Portrait Gallery, London, March 2017
Cinematek Oslo, ‘The Dream That Kicks’, 11 June 2017

Obsessive Underground Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany,  23 July 2017

White Cube, Auditorium, Bermondsey as part of the exhibition ‘Dreamer’s Awake’, 6 August 2017

Photofilm: Sampling the Archive, organised by Katja Pratschke and Thomas Tode[
GUGA (Center of Architecture, a venue that is in opposition to the hungarian government), in co-operation with the Metropolitcan University, Budapest, Hungary.  Part of:  Verzio, Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary.
BEEF Bristol Experimental and Expanded Film, Brunswick Club, 15-18 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8NX, 20 Feb 2018.

Bagdam Film Festival, Toulouse, France.

Bloomsbury Studio, UCL Art Museum Event, Gower Street,  London, WC1E, 6BT, 22 May 2018.