Cast, 2000

2000, 16mm, b/w, sound 17min

Cast creates a claustrophobic and haunting space where people and things invade worlds in which they do not normally belong. Lifeless dolls are heaped inside drawers, dolled-up life size figures lie motionless on a windy beach at the water’s edge; a chair rocks in an empty room, a mirror reflects and observes, and a chest of drawers is caressed by the sea. The film has a dramatic sensibility that sets up a false promise of narrative. Its structure, instead, is akin to that of dreams where different scenic spaces collapse and the inanimate and animate interchange. Wide-angled perspectives, shifting points of view and juxtapositions of sound and silence force inner and outer realities to collide, creating an unsettling psychic world.

Directed and produced:
Sarah Pucill
Arts Council of England
Sarah Pucill, Noski De Ville
Art Direction:
Louisa Bare
Make Up:
Tae-ho Lee, Sarah Pucill
Two women:Sandra Lahire, Sarah Weatherall.
Child: Marion Knight
Woman on beach: Ella Pratt, Lucy Pratt, Diane Knight
Second Camera:
Sandra Lahire
Editing, Sound Advisor:
Sandra Lahire
Cinenova Festival, The LUX, London
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Feminale, Cologne, Germany
Girlish– screenings part of Girl, New Walsall Art Gallery, UK
291 Gallery (retrospective)
Wake (With Peggy Atherton) London Gallery West
Light ReadingSseries, NO.W.HERE, London, Curated K Mirza and B Butler
Greenwich Picture House (retrospective)
The Subjective Camera Series Greenwich Picture House (retrospective)
The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne (retrospective)
The Pleasure Dome, Toronto
The Book Club, London, curated Laura Kloss (retrospective)
BFI Southbank, Retrospective as part of LUX DVD launch of short films, February
BFI Southbank, Retrospective, curated Elinor Cleghorn as part of the Maya Deren Season, October.
Madrid Experimental Film Festival, (retrospective)
Two Lives, curated by Club de Femmes, in ‘Scala Beyond’, Horse Hospital
Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn, New York, 22 June