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28th Oct 2023

Slovenia Cinemateque

Slovenska Kinoteka – SCREENING

Screening of ‘Milk and Glass” (16mm, col, 10min, 1993)

Funded by Arts Council of Great Britain


‘Milk and Glass’  Film Still, 1995




24th Jan 2024

Review on ‘Garden Self Portraits’

Review in ‘Canadian Art Review ‘  2023.

by Michelle Gewurtz, Curator of  the Exhibition

Facing Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore’ 

at Ottawa Art Gallery 2019. 




2nd Mar 2024

Photography, A Queer History Publication

Forthcoming Publication ‘Photography; A Queer History’

by Dr Flora Dunster and Dr Theo Gordon, published by Ilex Press February 2024

To include Untitled II from ‘Stages of Mourning’ 2002.






14th Jun 2024

Mirror Mirror – Thames + Hudson

The photograph Narcissus (bw print from neg, 2013) which is from the film Magic Mirror (16mm, bw, 75min, 2013) will be published in a forthcoming book by Michael Petry entitled:

Mirror Mirror –  the reflective surface in Contemporary Art

Published by Thames and Hudson, 2024


Narcissus (bw print from neg, 2013)




30th Sep 2024

Forthcoming Book Publication

Forthcoming Book Publication (in English and Spanish) on 

The work of filmmakers Sandra Lahire and Sarah Pucill

Editors: Francisco Algarin Navarro and Carlos Saldaña

With contributions from Laura Guy,  Sandra Lahire, Sarah Pucill,

Lis Rhodes, Helen de Witt.  

Publication Date End  2024


Past Events


30th Sep 2014

Photomonitor Interview


Interview with Anna McNay May 2014

On my photography and Magic Mirror


30th Sep 2014

Diva Magazine

July 2014

Feature by Anna McNay

31st Aug 2014

Seoul International New Media Festival

Screening of Magic Mirror

International Competition

8th Jun 2014

Poetry Film at Laugharne Castle

Poetry Film, curated by Zata Kitowski

Celebrating the legacy of Dylan Thomas

Screening of You Be Mother

Laugharne Castle, Carmarthenshire, Wales



26th Apr 2014

Screening of Magic Mirror

La Cinemateque de Toulouse

Screening of Magic Mirror


9th Apr 2014

Screening of Magic Mirror

Cinemarges Film Festival,  Bordeaux

Screening of Magic Mirror

8th Apr 2014

International Film Series

Screening of Magic Mirror curated by Erin Riley-Lopez

Freedman Gallery, Albright College

Reading, PA, USA

31st Mar 2014
28th Feb 2014

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Screening of Magic Mirror, curated by Kim Knowles, presented by LUX

Filmhouse Edinburgh

3rd Feb 2014

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Dance Pavillion, Bournemouth, curated by Selina Robertson, presented by LUX
2.30pm + 7.45pm

30th Jan 2014

Whitechapel Gallery Screening and Discussion: Autobiography and the Archive

Autobiography and the Archive
‘Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed’ 27min, 2010, Miranda Pennell
‘1942 (Poznan), 1996-2002, 6min, Uriel Orlow
‘Stages Of Mourning’, 17inb, 2004, Sarah Pucill
Q+A with Miranda Pennell and Sarah Pucill
Chaired by Elisa Adami and ALessandra Ferrini (Mnemoscape)

16th Jan 2014

‘The Muse’ Panel Discussion at London Art Fair 1pm

London Art Fair
Panel discussion on ‘The Muse’
with Sue Steward and Antony Penrose
Screening of Magic Mirror tbc

16th Jan 2014

London Art Fair Screening

Screening of Magic Mirror 2.30PM
Further Screening times tbc

15th Jan 2014

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen, Germany

Part of Sie Selbst Nackt 

Curated by Christine Ruffert

Presented by LUX



8th Dec 2013

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

8 December, 12.30pm.

Presented by LUX

7th Dec 2013

ICA London Magic Mirror screenings

Screening of Magic Mirror, 16mm, b/w, 75min, 2013

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

7 December, Saturday 12.30pm

Presented by LUX


23rd Nov 2013

Exhibition 23 November – March 2014

Phantom Rhapsody (16mm, b/w 19min, 2010)

Assembly: A Survey of Recent Artists Film and Video in Britain 2008-2013

Tate Britain, Clore Auditorium

21st Nov 2013

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Screening of Magic Mirror (75min, 2013)

Presented by LUX

Curated by Kim Knowles

19th Nov 2013

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Union Theatre, Milwaukee, USA

13th Nov 2013

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75min)

Cork Film Festival, 11.30AM

Presented by LUX
Artist will present the screening

7th Nov 2013

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London,  6.45PM

Presented by LUX
Q+A with Gavin James Bower,
consecutive screening dates tbc

3rd Nov 2013

Screening of Magic Mirror (16mm, b/w, 75 mins)

Pavillion Dance, Bournemouth, curated by Selina Robertson

22nd Apr 2013

Premiere Screening of Magic Mirror

16mm, b/w, 75 mins, Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium
Q + A with Filmmaker and David Campany



14th Nov 2012

Symposium Contemporary Queer Artistic Practice in the UK

Brighton Museum and Art Galleries
Organised by curators and critics of the University of Sussex

7th Nov 2012

Retrospective Screening, Experimental Cinema Week of Madrid

Curated by Cesar Ballester

28th Sep 2012

‘Two Lives’ Screening of Cast

b/w, 16mm, 17min (2000)
The Horse Hospital, curated by Selina Robertson and Sarah Wood as part of ‘Scala Beyond’

19th Jul 2012

Imagem-Contato Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

You Be Mother( 1990) + Fall In Frame (2009)

23rd Jun 2012

Stages Of Mourning, Screening ICA

Programme ‘Aesthetic Queeries’ curated by Treasa OBrien, Open City Docs Festival

1st Jun 2012

Screening of Blind Light as part of the Oliver Plender exhibition

Milton Keynes Gallery
Curated by Inheritance Projects

1st Jun 2012

Interview published in Printed Matter, Spring 2012

With Lucy Reynolds on forthcoming 16mm b/w film Magic Mirror (2012)

7th Mar 2012

Conference ‘Family Ties’, University of London

Re-enactment as Cathartic Ritual in Stages Of Mourning’ (2004)

1st Jan 2012

Schwarz Gallery ‘Powerless Structures’, Group show



11th Oct 2011

Monograph screening of my films in connection with the Maya Deren Season

Curated by Elinor Cleghorn
Films: Mirrored Measure, Swollen Stigma, Cast, Fall In Frame, Phantom Rhapsody. Q+A between the filmmaker and Dr M Sprio. More details: BFI Southbank

4th Oct 2011

Group Screening with panel discussion

Regarding the influence of the filmmaker Maya Deren. Films by Jayne Parker, Daria Martin and Sarah Pucill. More details: BFI Southbank

1st Oct 2011

Leeds Independent Film Festival

‘Phantom Rhapsody’ curated by Cherry Kino

6th Sep 2011

‘Moving Image South’

Curated by Laura Kloss
Retrospective screening: Stages Of Mourning, Taking My Skin, Blind Light. Q+A with filmmaker and Dr M Sprio. HMV Curzon Cinema, Wimbledon

31st Aug 2011

The Boys Club Dalston – Film Screenings, installation and performance

‘Sisterhood is Powerful’ curated by Lucy Van De Wiel. Including work by Margarethe Van Trotta, Barbara Hammer, Joan Braderman, Sarah Pucill

1st Jul 2011

Bref Magazine Issue 98

‘A Cinema of Attractions’ by Sebastien Ronceray
Review of the Lux DVD Compilation ‘Sarah Pucill Films 1990-2010′

30th Jun 2011

Project Space Leeds Soup and Cinema

Film Screening of films including Phantom Rhapsody with Q+A PSL [Project Space Leeds], Whitehall Waterfront, 2 Riverside Way, Leeds LS1 4EH

17th Jun 2011

Edinburgh Film Festival

Screening of Phantom Rhapsody, 20min, 2010, 16mm, b+w.
3.45pm in Cinema 1

11th Jun 2011

Millennium FIlm – Personal Cinema Series

Screening of Phantom Rhapsody, Cast, Mirrored Measure, Milk and Glass All 16mm. 66 E 4th Street, New York NY 10003. More info
Those Deep Approaches (text) by Cherry Smyth for the LUX DVD Booklet. Phantom Rhapsody: Smoke, Mirrors and the Spell of Cinema (text) by Lucy Reynolds for the LUX DVD Booklet

15th Mar 2011

Retrospective screening at Image Movement to launch the LUX DVD

Details to follow.

8th Mar 2011

Double screening organised by Light Cone to coincide with the LUX DVD Launch

L’Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts. The filmmaker will be present for a discussion following the screening and at 8.30pm at the art cinema L’Action Christine.

1st Mar 2011

DVD Compilation, published by LUX

Launch Venues London, US, Canada, TBA

4th Feb 2011

Lux DVD Launch Screening at BFI Southbank

A screening of early films alongside a premiere of Phantom Rhapsody, (19min, b/w 2010) as well as a film by Maya Deren. The filmmaker will be in conversation with Lucy Reynolds who alongside Cherry Smyth and Margherita Sprio contributed an essay to the DVD booklet. Visit website for more information

22nd Jan 2011

Moving Portraits: 60 years of portraits in moving image

22 January to 27 March – De La Warr Pavilion – Bexhill-on-Sea.
Curated by Jane Won and David Curtis. An exhibition of portraits made in moving image with works by Jordan Baseman, Richard Billingham, Candice Breitz, Duncan Campbell, Willie Doherty, Tracey Emin, Carl Freeman, Gilbert & George, Peter Gidal, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rebecca Marshall, Stuart Marshall, Julian Opie, Sarah Pucill, Marty St James and Ann Wilson, Georgina Starr, Guy Sherwin, Margaret Tait, Fiona Tan, Gillian Wearing, Andy Warhol, William Wegman and Sam Taylor-Wood. Visit website for more information



17th Nov 2010

Screening of Phantom Rhapsody

‘Your head dissolved into thin air’ at the Sainsbury Art Centre, Norwich, alongside films by Lucy Skaer and Ursular Mayer, selected from the LUX Collection by Ben Cook

1st Oct 2010

Screening of ‘Blind Light‘

22min, 2007, Kwadrat, Adalbertstr 20, D-10997 Berlin.
Curated by Jennifer Oellerich.

14th Sep 2010

Screening of ‘Backcomb‘

6min, 1995, Tate Modern, London.
Curated by Vivienne Dick as part of her film retrospective.

1st Sep 2010

The Theatre of Female Points of View

Swollen Stigma, Cast, Stages of Mourning, Phantom Rhapsody’ by Gloria Morano,
La Furia Umana
No 6 Read article

4th Aug 2010

Screening of Blind Light

LoBE Art, LoBe Gallery, Scherer Strasse 7, 13347 Berlin, Germany.
Curated by Olivia Reynolds.

7th Jul 2010

Interview between Margherita Sprio and Sarah Pucill

Interview on the making of ‘Phantom Rhapsody’, Sequence Magazine, Issue 1, ed Simon Payne, published by no, Read interview.

1st Jul 2010

Female Presence and the Act of Seeing

The haptic gaze in the films of Sarah Pucill’ by Gloria Morano, La Furia Umana No 5 Read text

18th May 2010

Premiere Screening of Phantom Rhapsody

16mm film, 95mins
Funded by Arts Council of England as part of a retrospective Screening of Sarah Pucill’s films (on 16mm) curated by Laura Kloss. The filmmaker will be in discussion with Dr Margherita Sprio at The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street EC2A 4RH

16th May 2010

‘Film Without Film’ Screening and performance of Blind Light

(16mm, 22 mins 2009) at Tate Modern curated by Maxa Zoller and Tate Modern, 11am to 12noon: Free.

21st Apr 2010

Screening and discussion of Taking My Skin and Fall In Frame

With Adriana Cerne, to be chaired by Dr Margherita Sprio
The Freud Museum, London, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London, NW3 5SX

23rd Mar 2010

Discussion and screening of recent films by Sarah Pucill at

Curated by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler.The filmmaker will be in dialogue with Dr Margarita Sprio (University of Essex)., First Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 OAG – see website for more info



1st Oct 2009

Screening of Fall in Frame – Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

Festival runs from 7-18th October at various venues. See website for more info

1st Sep 2009

Light Cone, Paris – Panel selection of new acquisitions, Blind Light and Fall In Frame

See Light Cone website for more info

7th Jul 2009

Sarah Pucill film retrospective – Pleasure Dome, Toronto.

Cinecyle, 129 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

26th Jun 2009

Sarah Pucill Film Retrospective

Two evenings at Anthology Film Archives, Q+A with Dr Margherita Sprioover at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003

24th Jun 2009

Sarah Pucill Film Retrospective

MassArt Film Society, Massachusetts College of Art Film Department, Screening Room 1, 621 Huttington Ave, Boston MA 021115

21st Jun 2009

Sarah Pucill Film Retrospective

A retrospective of Sarah Pucill’s films as part of a joint collaboration between LA Filmforum and Echo Park Film Center at Echo Park Film Center, Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd), Los Angeles, CA 90026

7th Jun 2009

Sarah Pucill Film Retrospective

AIR Gallery, 111 Front Street, No228, Brooklyn, NY 11201

29th Apr 2009

Symposium ‘Circularity, narrative and aesthetic translation’

Sarah Pucill will give a presentation of her work in general with clips as part of the conference which will be followed by a screening of her new film Fall In Frame, 16mm, 18mins (Funded by the Arts Council) in the evening. At the University of Bedforshire, Park Square, Luton.



7th Nov 2008

Stepping into the Spotlight – New York Art Magazine

Nov-Dec 08 – Feature on Sarah Pucill’s films and photographs
View hardcover copy
Read article online